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We’re experienced and will provide you with the results you need to succeed. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our media contacts and clients have to say about Bella Vista Communications.

Media Quotes / Relations · What Clients Are Saying

Media Quotes / Relations

I have known and worked with Sacha for a number of years. She is a dedicated professional who leverages her relationships with analysts and the press in the semiconductor industry to get outstanding results for her clients.
– Jag Bolaria, Senior Analyst, Linley Group

Sacha is on my very short “A list” of PR professionals because of her professionalism, her integrity, and her ability to understand both her client’s needs and the needs of journalists like myself. This combination of skills allows her to develop a coherent story for her client and “pitch” it to the right person – and at the appropriate level.
Since Sacha has taken the time to understand our publication, and the audience we serve, she never contacts me with inappropriate stories, something that makes me much more inclined to pay attention to whatever she’s contacting me about a particular project. Her conscientious nature is also evident in the fact that my briefings with her clients usually include people with sufficient level of technical depth to make my briefings productive. As simple as this sounds, it puts her in the upper 10% of the PR professionals I work with and adds significantly to her “batting average,” or “pitch-to-placement” ratio.
– Lee Goldberg, Senior Editor, EN-Genius

What Clients Are Saying

I have known and worked professionally with Sacha Arts and Bella Vista Communications for over 7 years, with consistently successful and measurable public relations results. As a product and corporate marketing executive with marketing communications responsibility, I have retained Bella Vista as our primary PR firm at 3 different semiconductor companies, both public and private, with involvement in product release strategy, trade show activity, editorial interview and placement, and IR interface responsibility. Bringing an excellent balance of personal industry relationships, technical knowledge, and years of PR experience to the table, it is fair to say that Sacha's integrity, drive, and personality has been an essential addition to our MarCom team.
– Bill Weir, Sr. Marketing Director, Pericom Semiconductor

Having been involved primarily with small, start-up companies during the past twenty years, I can fully appreciate the difficulties of getting media attention. PR firms I’d worked with previously made great pitches to woo my business, but at the end of the day, it was their larger accounts that got the attention and thus the media coverage. Seven years ago I was introduced to Bella Vista Communications and Sacha Arts and quite frankly, my expectations weren’t all that high. WOW…was I wrong! Within a few short months, we were seeing our name in all the right places…attached to articles, industry summaries, press pick-ups of our product introductions, we were sponsoring industry/media informal gatherings…and the list goes on. The amazing part is that this was all accomplished on an acceptable, venture funded company budget. How does she do it? Hard work. Strong relationships across the board. Experience to know what will work and what won’t…no false starts with Bella Vista. I approached Sacha once again shortly after joining Microbridge to discuss using Bella Vista one more time. Rather than tell me sure, no problem, she surprised me by telling me that for the next several months she was committed to her existing clientele with some major product launches and that she would not be able to give me the level of professional services I’d described. Honesty…what a rare commodity. So I waited and re-approached her when her work load could accommodate another client and once again, I am continually amazed at the value I receive. Prompt, responsive, professional, competent, and most importantly…results.
– Bob Frostholm, VP of Marketing, Microbridge Technologies